Tennessee - Laws, Rules, and Ethics for Professional Engineers: 2 PDH
Instructor: Seth Grablow, PE
Released: 04-22-2013

Certificate: Instantly, Must pass quizzes in avg of 70%

In this course the student will study the Tennessee State Board of Architectural and Engineering Laws, Rules & Policies, including Professional Engineering Ethics (2012 revision). A fifteen-question quiz will test his or her understanding of the subject.

Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills

  • The engineer’s duty to protect the public
  • The engineer’s duty to make objective and truthful statements
  • The engineer’s duty to limit practice to his or her field of competence
  • The engineer’s duty to maintain client confidentiality
  • The engineer’s responsibility to the profession
  • The Tennessee law on competitive bidding for engineering services
  • The Tennessee rules for sealing engineering documents


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