Former Students

You will still have online access to your records for the next 6 months.

After 6 months your records can be obtained by request only.

(Note: All records are hard-copied and archived for 7 years.)

For further information please contact us 800-433-1487 or email us at helpdesk@ezpdh.com. To purchase new courses please use https://ez-pdh.com.

Thank You.

$6 PDH Online Engineering Continuing Education Courses for PE's

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How can we be so cheap where others are so expensive?

Simple. First and foremost, we are PE's and built EZpdh the way we want to get continuing education. Other providers charge ridiculous prices for textbook courses. We've been through 30 different states laws and rules to date and buying expensive courses isn't a requirement in any of them. We focus on the basics and laws and rules because after all, its all about license renewal. Secondly, all our courses were developed and written by us, licensed PE's. We don't pay royalties to the same course writer you will find on other provider sites. Thirdly, we developed and utilize our own software. So no expensive third party software to pay for like the other guys, and believe me this software can cost more than a new SUV.

Bottom Line: We Want To and We Can Afford To Offer Inexpensive Prices for Great Courses to Our Fellow Engineers 

Listen, You have multiple ways and options to complete your continuing education requirements. College courses, Patents, Attending Seminars, to name a few.  Don't be fooled into spending a fortune for online courses. We are inexpensive and all states accept our courses. You have nothing to lose as we offer an 100% money back guarantee. Please, try our free course and see how EZ and inexpensive it is to complete your continuing education with us.


EZpdh Engineers - Seth Grablow PE, Raymond Bosek PE, Juan Pesante, PE  


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