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EZpdh is a Pre-Approved Provider in the States Requiring Pre-Approval. EZpdh complies with the Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines published by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) as well as International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). 

All online courses are guaranteed to be accepted by your state board. If your PDH is rejected by your state board for any reason, we'll refund your money. 

Courses approved for the following states

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana (Approved Provider CPD.0000317), Maine, Maryland (CPC Approved Provider), Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey (CPC:24GP00009900), New Mexico, New York (Pending), North Carolina (Approved Provider S-0650), North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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What We Say about Engineering PDH Online!

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How can we be so cheap where others are so expensive?

Simple. First and foremost, we are PE's and built EZpdh the way we want to get continuing education. Other providers charge ridiculous prices for textbook courses. We've been through 30 different states laws and rules to date and buying expensive courses isn't a requirement in any of them. We focus on the basics and laws and rules because after all, its all about license renewal. Secondly, all our courses were developed and written by us, licensed PE's. We don't pay royalties to the same course writer you will find on other provider sites. Thirdly, we developed and utilize our own software. So no expensive third party software to pay for like the other guys, and believe me this software can cost more than a new SUV.

Bottom Line: We Want To and We Can Afford To Offer Inexpensive Prices for Great Courses to Our Fellow Engineers 

Listen, You have multiple ways and options to complete your continuing education requirements. College courses, Patents, Attending Seminars, to name a few.  Don't be fooled into spending a fortune for online courses. We are inexpensive and all states accept our courses. You have nothing to lose as we offer an 100% money back guarantee. Please, try our free course and see how EZ and inexpensive it is to complete your continuing education with us.


EZpdh Engineers - Seth Grablow PE, Raymond Bosek PE, Juan Pesante, PE  

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TeamWe are Licensed PE’s. We built and are continuing to build EZpdh the way it should be. Other companies charge too much for continuing education. We believe online continuing education should be and can be affordable!

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Engineering PDH Online for Professional Engineers Explained!

So what exactly are professional development hours and why do state boards require them?  Starting from the top, Professional Development Hours (PDH), Continuing Professional Competency (CPC), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Continuing Education Hours (CEH), Continuing Education Credit (CEC) - Are all the Same! It is education requirements that are required by the state to be earned in order to maintain your professional engineer license.

Every time you put your seal on a document/drawing, regardless of how small the project, your seal represents to the public, who is entrusting your expertise, that you can guarantee that the information for said project conforms to code and ultimately is safe for the public use. Overall, the safety of your fellow man, woman, or child, is in your hands.  It’s this responsibility that the board must ensure is adhered to by every licensed professional engineer. The board knows you have the smarts, you did pass the exams. But to ensure this responsibility is not even remotely overlooked, they require their licensed PE’s to stay current with the laws and rules of the state, that their engineers stay aligned with ethical principles, their engineers stay current with their areas of practice, and their engineers hold the public safety as his or her number one priority. That’s why here at EZpdh we emphasize your state’s laws and rules are learned, that engineering ethics are constantly engrained into you, and that the basics of all areas of practice are never forgotten.

So proceeding to the states,

Of the 50 US States, 10 States do not require continuing education.  40 States do require continuing education so licensed Professional Engineers in those states need to complete from anywhere between 8 to 36 hours of continuing education for license renewal. Now Renewals can be annual, biennial, or triennial, and of course depends on the state.

Did you know California has the most licensed professional engineers in any one state, they license almost 10% of all engineers in the US, but CA board does not require continuing education hours for its licensed professional engineers.

So of those 40 States that require continuing education, 6 states require continuing education providers like EZpdh to be pre-approved.  This requires an application, fee and thorough review of our courses by those state boards. EZpdh has applied for pre-approval in 4 of those states and was graciously approved in those 4.  So we are 4 for 4! We intend to and will be applying to the remaining two pre-approval states.

As far as what type of hours and how to get these hours, all states are basically the same “A Clear purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice and address the health, safety, and welfare of the public” Included with this half of the 40 states require hours in state laws and rules and/or hours in ethics. Some states even require specific courses such as ADA and life safety code. So please check your state requirements prior to taking any classes. They can be viewed above, just click state requirements.

Not to forget, our state packages (click packages above) have all those required courses in those packages. Basically, we make it simple, so you don’t overlook any requirement.

Finally, what if you are licensed in multiple states, do you have to take say 30 hours, for one state, 15 hours for another state, 24 hours for another state.  So do you need 69 hours total? The answer is no! Once you take a course through us, its holds the same weight in any state, regardless of how many states you are licensed in. So from the above example, this engineer would only have to get 30 hours total, as long as those hours fulfill all of any state specific required courses. That engineer is done.

Not to forget, carryover hours, all states allow carryover hours, which means if you go beyond the required hours in a renewal period, you may carryover these hours into next renewal period. So for example, an engineer needs 30 hours this renewal period, his state allows 15 hours carryover, he can take 45 hours in our unlimited course, use the 30 hours now, and use the 15 hours for next period. So at next renewal period he only has to obtain 15 hours. Not a bad deal, plus he enjoys great savings by buying courses in bulk.

A Final Note, there are various methods to achieve continuing education hours, taking college courses, obtaining patents, going to board meetings, teaching a class, so on and so forth.  But taking courses form EZpdh we maximize this efficiency. You get the board approved hours you need, you get the specific requirements fulfilled, and you get these all as quick and inexpensive as possible.

Thanks for visiting our site.

EZpdh Engineers,

Seth Grablow PE, Raymond Bosek PE, Juan Pesante PE

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